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Chinese major security manufactures have launched analog HD technology series products in 2014, which supplement the void of HD products in analog equipments market and keep up with the steps of network camera. Will those fresh technologies take over the traditional analog market? Security market also changes dramatically, which is better, HDTVI or AHD? SecuExpress endeavors to provide the latest product information, the retail and wholesale for the cheapest high quality security products, even customized OEM. For more information, please contact us!

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Why HDCVI System?

High Definition Composite Video Interface

HDCVI is an over-coaxial-cable analog HD video transmission standard which developed in-house. The technology renders two HD video formats—1920H (1920×1080) & 1280H (1280×720) by progressive scanning.

What is HDCVI

1.3MP CVI Camera color in darkness

1.3MP CVI Camera color in darkness